FL Gulf Coast Cluster I
Brooksville, FL
  • Iris was Best of Breed all 5 days and won a Group 1st on Friday!
  • Liam was entered 3 days, winning Winners/Opposite on Thursday for 2 points to finish his championship and Best of Opposite Friday/Saturday for 5 points towards his grand championship!
  • Ziggy was Winners Friday through Monday for 4 more points!

    SSRRC Lure Coursing
    Weirsdale, FL
  • Stella was Best in Field on Saturday and finished her field championship becoming our first homebred dual champion! She was also 1st in specials on Sunday!
  • Liam was 2nd in open on Saturday for 2 points and Best of Breed on Sunday for a 5 point major!
  • Iris was 3rd in open both days and won her first point on Saturday!
  • Phoebe was 4th in open both days!
  • Elin was 1st in specials on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday!
    New Year Classic
    Indio, CA
  • Fancy was Select at the Southern CA Ibizan specialty on Thursday and at the supported entry Sunday to earn her grand championship title!
    Danish Kennel Club
    Gjern, Denmark
  • Tiger Lily was Best of Breed, Group 1st and Best in Show -3rd!!

    AKC National Championship
    Orlando, FL
  • Iris was Award of Excellence!

    Horse Country Dog Shows
    Ocala, FL
  • Iris was Best of Breed on Thursday/Friday, Group 3rd on Thursday and Best Opposite on Saturday/Sunday!
  • Liam was Best of Winners/Opposite Thursday, Winners on Saturday and Best of Winners on Sunday for 3 more points!
  • Azalea was Best of Winners on Friday and Saturday for 2 more points!
  • Justin Beezer was Winners on Friday for 1 more point!

    IWAGS Lure Coursing
    Bridgewater, NJ
  • Ivy won her 3rd Best in Field and is Abbaio's first homebred field champion!

    The Georgia Classic
    Atlanta, GA
  • Iris was Select every day!
  • Liam was Best of Winners/Opposite Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 3 majors!
  • Azalea was Winners on Friday and Sunday for 2 majors!
    SSRRC Lure Coursing
    Weirsdale, FL
  • Elin was Best in Field on Sunday!

    Autumn Classic
    West Friendship, MD
  • Kendra was Group 2nd on Saturday and Group 3rd on Sunday!

    Devon Dog Show
    Ludwigs Corner, PA
  • Kendra was Best of Breed!

    West Volusia
    Deland, FL
  • Iris was Best of Breed both days!
  • Zac Efron was Best of Opposite on Saturday!

    Cherokee Rose Cluster
    Atlanta, GA
  • Iris was Best of Breed Saturday, Opposite on Sunday and Select on Thursday/Friday to finish her grand champion title!
  • Zac Efron was Best of Opposite on Friday and Select on Saturday!

    Carolina Foothills
    Greenville, SC
  • Iris was Select on Thursday, Best of Breed Saturday & Sunday and made the cut in the group on Saturday!
  • Ziggy was Best of Winners on Sunday for his first point!
    Central Wyoming
    Casper, WY
  • Killian was Best of Opposite Sex over specials on Saturday and Sunday for his first 4 points!

  • "a commitment to excellence"

    Located in the metropolitan area of Tampa, Florida, I have been involved with Ibizan Hounds since 2002. Abbaio is home to winners and placers at Westminster, AKC/Eukanuba, Morris & Essex, IHCUS National Specialty weekend, Beezerfest and the World Dog Show. Our dogs have won and placed in groups and accumulated championships, grand championships, rally, agility and lure coursing titles. Above all else, Abbaio Ibizans bring joy to their families as loving companions.
    Abbaio is not an online puppy store. Ibizan Hounds are a rare breed and not common in all areas. We welcome inquiries from any and all who are interested in sharing their life with an Ibizan, or just learning more about them. A personal meeting with me and the dogs is essential in making your final decision.

    Primo Wins NOHS Best in Show!

    The 1st Male & 1st Smooth Ibizan Hound to win NOHS BIS

    Owned & Handled by Kari Burkolder | Co-Owned & Bred by Sarah Murphy & Diane Arbeit | Co-Bred by Richard Zelig & Susan St John Brown

    Fall 2016 Puppies

    There are a few puppies currently available. Please contact me at sarah@abbaioibizans.com for more information.

    2016 Specials

    GCH Abbaio Dream With Your Eyes Open

    #7 All-Breed/#10 Breed
    GCHB Abbaio It Girl

    #3 Breed/All-Breed

    Current Class Animals

    Abbaio Wildest Dreams

    10 points | 2 majors
    Abbaio Raindance

    1 point
    MBIF FC Abbaio Glitterati SC
    Abbaio Impossible Dream
    "Justin Beezer"

    4 points
    Abbaio Perfect Storm

    4 points
    Abbaio Ziggy Stardust

    5 points

    Congratulations to Our Newest Titleholders!


    Fancy finshed her grand championship in January 2017. She is the 8th AKC Grand Champion born at Abbaio!
    Owned by Nichole & Madison Bartlett & Sarah Murphy
    Click to visit her page


    Stella finished her field championship in January 2017. She is the 1st AKC Dual Champion born at Abbaio and our 2nd homebred Best in Field winner!
    Owned by Sarah Murphy
    Click to visit her page


    Abbaio Ibizans are incomparably beautiful, intelligent and loving hounds who excel in the show ring, on the field and on the couch. My very satisfied puppy buyers are all members of the Abbaio family!

    Proud Member of IHCUS

    Proud Member of Take the Lead

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    AKC Standard
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    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
    Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)

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