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  • Select Dog at Valley Forge KC/IHCUS Supported (12.8.13)

  • Best of Opposite at KC of Philadelphia (11.17.13)

  • Best of Opposite at National Dog Show/KC of Phila (11.16.13)

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  • Reserve Winners at IHCUS National Specialty (9.13.13)

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  • Best of Winners and Opposite at Hendersonville KC (7.26.13)

  • National Specialty Reserve / Supported Entry Select / AKC National Championship Select
    CH Paradise Here Comes Trouble

    July 27, 2012 | Pedigree | Progeny | Photos
    CHIC #: 95010

    CH Paradise-Ahram Lose Yrself in Me
    CH HareHill's Bit O' Bunny

    Owner: Sarah Murphy & Lisa Puskas & Roberto Scardua
    Breeder: Lisa Puskas & Wendy Anderson

    Conan came to Abbaio at a year of age from his breeder, Lisa Puskas of Paradise. This "Bunny" and "Legacy" grandson has a fabulous pedigree that shines through in his conformation and temperament. He was delivered to me at a dog show where he was entered the next day and was Best of Winners & Opposite for his first 2 points the first time he ever had competition. The next day, on his 1st birthday, he was Winners & Opposite for his first major! A third of the way to his title after his first weekend, I knew that Conan would be very easy to finish and would really stand out. His second weekend out with competition, he was awarded Reserve Winners Dog at the 2013 IHCUS National Specialty under breeder-judge Eli-Marie Klepp of Norway. This win made Conan the very first Ibizan Hound in history to win a major for Reserve at the National Specialty. He competed in 10 more shows where he was Winners Dog 7 times and Reserve 3 times to finish his AKC Championship at 15.5 months old. He was awarded Best of Opposite Sex at the Purina National Dog Show his first time out as a special, then Select Dog at the IHCUS Supported Entry in Philadelphia, and finally, Select Dog at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, FL, his last show in the USA. Conan is now residing in Brazil with his new owner, Roberto who owned his father, Hunter after his retirement. He is a proven producer and I am looking forward to watching his puppies grow up.

    Titles in Progress
    AKC Grand Championship: 7 Points | 1 Major | CH Defeated 3 Times


    Titled Progeny
    The Mighty Litter
    Conan X Phoebe - September 6, 2016
    BIF DC Abbaio Mighty Aphrodite SC "Dharma"
    GCH Abbaio High and Mighty SC "Sebastian"
    GCH Abbaio A Mighty Wind SC "Breeze"
    FC Abbaio Mighty Miracle MC CGC TKN "Tiny Miracle"
    CH Abbaio Mighty Sparrow SC "Sansa"
    Abbaio Mighty Duck SC "Marrow"

    Notable Accomplishments

    2013: Reserve Winners Dog IHCUS National Specialty
    20113: Best of Opposite Sex Purina National Dog Show
    2012: Select IHCUS Suppored Entry (Philadelphia)
    2012: Select AKC Eukanuba National Championship
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    Health Testing

    Ears (BAER)
    Eyes (CERF/OFA)
    Hips (OFA/PennHip)
    Thyroid (OFA)
    Heart (OFA)
    Normal ('13)
    CHIC #: 95010
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