#1 - Ethan Garrett
#2 - Madison Bartlett

#1 - Rebecca Flood
#2 - Emma Rogers
#6 - Ethan Garrett
#6 - Madison Bartlett

#1 - Rebecca Flood

#2 - Kari Burkholder
#3 - Denali Steinert

#1 - Kari Burkholder

#1 - Kari Burkholder
#2 - Lydia Frey

#1 - Kari Burkholder

#1 - Lydia Frey
#2 - Morgan Miller

Abbaio Junior Handlers

I, personally, was not very active in junior showmanship, though I did compete infrequently with several dogs (Ibizans, Pugs, Chinese Cresteds and Italian Greyhounds). I am very supportive of junior handlers and enjoy helping them out, whether it be providing an excellent dog for competition or just fiendly advice. These are the wonderful kids I've had the pleasure of working with.

Kari Burkholder

Kari and I met in January 2013 where she spent quite a while practicing with Stella. Her family breeds hunting German Shorthaired Pointers, and she had been showing a few of them when she decided she might like to try a hound. I matched her up with Primo, and the two have had excellent success. Kari quickly collected the necessary wins to advance to open competition, and the very first time she handled Primo in the breed ring, they were awarded a group placement! Kari was the #1 Ibizan Hound junior handler for 2013/2014/2015, #8 Hound junior handler for 2014 and has won 4 Best Junior awards and 24 class wins over their career together. In the breed ring, Kari has handled Primo to #10 Ibizan Hound (all-breed) in 2013 and #11 (all-breed) in 2014 with several group placements. I am so proud of Kari and all that she has accomplished, she did a wonderful job showing Azalea very limitedly in 2016 to be the #2 Ibizan Hound junior and won a national owner-handler series Best in Show with Primo in July 2016!

Rebecca Flood

Rebecca and I met in 2014 when she helped me juggle the several dogs I had entered at a show in northern New Jersey. In 2016 I was contacted by Rebecca and her mother who told me they remembered the dogs from that show and they were interested in adding an Ibizan Hound to their family of Collies. I let Azalea go to New York to live with the Floods in December 2016 with 10 points and both majors. In March of 2017, Mara, Rebecca and I showed Azalea to win 2 more majors and finish her championship. She has been forming a beautiful juniors team with Rebecca and they already are the #1 Ibizan Hound juniors team of 2017 with best junior and reserve best junior wins. I am so happy to have the Floods as part of Team Abbaio and can't wait for them to add another Ibizan to their home!

Lydia Frey

Lydia and I met in 2011 after she purchased a Bedlington Terrier from my best friend. She comes from a competitive horse show family, but decided to take the dog route and is currently beeding Bedlington Terriers and Standard Schnauzers. She often helped me when I had multiple class animals, and in 2012 she showed Elin a few times, ending the year as the #1 Ibizan Hound junior handler. She continues to primarily show her Bedlington Terriers, where she has had much success, but also frequently helps me with the Ibizans. In June 2014 she handled King Julian to an IHCUS Supported Entry BOS and she handled Phoebe at the 2014 IHCUS National Specialty, winning Best Junior and 2 other placements over the weekend. Lydia has gone on to win Best Junior Handler at Westminster 2015 and the World Dog Show 2015 in Milan, Italy with her Bedlington Terrier, Tony!

Morgan Miller

Morgan and I also met when she purchased a Bedlington Terrier from my close friend. Her family breeds Samoyeds, and now Bedlingtons, and Morgan has always been a class act. She has a wonderful hand, and she showed Stella a few times to gain more experience with different breeds. She always placed with her and won her class once, ending 2012 as the #2 Ibizan Hound junior handler. Morgan was the #1 Terrier Group junior handler in 2013 and is a top 10 Terrier Group junior handler of 2014, even after aging out midway through the year, and showing breeds in other groups during the year. She is now attending college and I am very proud of her accomplishments and look so forward to her very promising future!

Claudia Ronhovde


Denali Steinert

Denali had been showing a Keeshond for quite a while but struggled to find competition in the novice senior class. When she had to return her dog to the breeder for a litter, she was on the lookout for another juniors dog. She met Lydia Frey at a dog show and expressed interest in showing a hound, and Lydia sent her my way. I am so excited to have Denali showing Zac Efron in juniors, their first weekend out together Denali won first place both days and moved up to the open senior class! With very limited showing, Denali was #3 Ibizan Hound junior, including a first place in open senior, by the time she aged out of juniors competition in September 2016. Denali continues to show Zac Efron in breed competition towards his grand championship title and for the national owner-handler series.

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