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GCH Abbaio Jakona Love Fool SC ROM

April 1, 2013 | Pedigree | Progeny | Photos
CHIC #: 122421

GCH Serandida East Abbaio Armando JC
BronzeGCH DC Jakona's Swiss Miss SC LCX CGC ROMS

Owner: Sarah Murphy
Breeder: Sarah Murphy & Jeannie Armstrong

Phoebe is from the Spring 2013 "April Fools" litter between Primo and Elin. She has a fabulous temperament wrapped in a beautiful body! Phoebe debuted at 6 months old winning 3 Best of Winners awards for her first 3 points and she finished her championship at 13.5 months old with 3 majors! She was shown very limitedly as a special in 2015, winning multiple Bests of Breed, including during the 10th annual Beezerfest, and finished her grand championship at 2.5 years old.

Titles in Progress
AKC Field Championship: 3 Points
AKC Master Courser: 6 Qs


Conan X Phoebe Fall 2016 - The Mighty Litter
Goose X Phoebe Fall 2017 - The Thanksgiving Litter

Titled Progeny
CH Abbaio Mighty Aphrodite SC "Dharma"
GCH Abbaio High and Mighty "Sebastian"
CH Abbaio A Mighty Wind "Breeze"
Abbaio Mighty Miracle SC "Tiny Miracle"
CH Abbaio Mighty Sparrow SC "Sansa"
Abbaio Mighty Duck SC "Marrow"
CH Abbaio The Silence Of The Yams "Clarice"


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OHBIS GCH Serandida East Abbaio Armando JC CH Serandida Spirit of Serqet CH Serqet Castlemaghn Legend
CH Unigus Cassiopeia of Olympus
GCH Serandida Spirit Oh My Darling ROM CH Serandida Spirit's Ohio
CH Serqet Camp-Fire Song
MBIF GCHB DC Jakona's Swiss Miss MC LCX ROMS CGC Desert Mirage Give Me Justice CH Serandida Karcz IX-XI Living Tribute
CH Dsert Mirage Jewel of Th Nile
CH Jakona's All Eyes On Me CH Paradise Ahram Lose Yrself in Me
CH Paradise Jakona's Miss Monroe
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