• Abbaio is an Italian word that means "I bark". It is pronounced ah-BYE-oh.

  • I have been owned and loved by Ibizans since 2002.

  • My first litter was born in Spring 2011.

  • Home of the first Ibizan to win Best of Breed at the prestigious Morris & Essex Kennel Club. (Klementine)

  • Home to the 2011/2013 IHCUS National Specialty Field Trial BOB winner. (Elin)

  • Home to the 2017 IHCUS National Specialty Best in Show winner. (Iris)

  • Home to Westminster Best of Breed winners 2012/2014/2015/2018.

  • The first Abbaio Ibizan to attain a title was on 10.30.11 (Frances - RN)

  • The first Abbaio Ibizan to attain a championship was on 11.20.11 (Magnolia)

  • "a commitment to excellence"

    Located in the metropolitan area of Tampa, Florida, I have been involved with Ibizan Hounds since 2002. Abbaio is home to winners and placers at Westminster, AKC National Championship, Morris & Essex, IHCUS National Specialty weekend, Beezerfest, the World Dog Show and the National Lure Coursing Championship. Our dogs have won All-Breed and National Specialty Best in Shows, won and placed in groups and accumulated championships, grand championships, rally, agility and lure coursing titles. Outside of the United States, Abbaio Ibizans have won championships in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain and Sweden.
    Above all else, Abbaio Ibizans bring joy to their families as loving companions. Thanks to the dogs, the Abbaio Family has grown into a group of wonderful people who support each other with advice as well as share stories and photos regularly. Dogs are only in the show ring, on the coursing field or in other competitions for very small fraction of time, the rest of their lives are spent as beloved companions. All of my puppies are "pet" puppies, regardless of show or performance potential they must be treated as a member of the family, kept as inside dogs and provided with the best care possible. Ibizan Hounds are very adaptable and can be as at home on a large farm as they are in an apartment, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure their needs are met no matter their living situation.
    Abbaio is not an online puppy store. Ibizan Hounds are a rare breed and not common in all areas. We welcome inquiries from any and all who are interested in sharing their life with an Ibizan, or just learning more about them. A personal meeting with me and the dogs is essential in making your final decision.

    Introducing Mallory

    Group Winning | Multiple Group Placing
    2018 National Specialty Award of Merit | 2019 Westminster Select

    GCH Abbaio Yogurt Affairs

    #1 Ibizan Hound of 2018

    All-Breed Best in Show | Multiple Reserve Best in Show
    2017 National Specialty Best in Show | 2018 AKC Royal Canin Group 3rd
    2017 & 2018 AKC Royal Canin BOB | 2018 Westminster Kennel Club BOB

    GCHG Abbaio Dream With Your Eyes Open SC HOF


    CC All Systems through December 31, 2018

    **2018 IHCUS National Specialty Winner**

    2018 National Specialty Best in Show
    GCHB DC Abbaio It Girl SC HOF


    Current Class Animals

    Abbaio Zen Garden


    4 points

    Abbaio Play Among the Stars


    7 points | 2 majors

    Abbaio Let's Talk Turkey


    8 points | 2 majors

    Abbaio Slender Loris


    9 points | 2 majors

    Abbaio Rewrite The Stars


    3 points | 1 major

    Abbaio Mighty Duck SC


    5 points | 1 major

    Abbaio Madame Berthe's Mouse


    10 points | 2 majors

    Abbaio Maucauco


    10 points | 1 major

    Abbaio Bushbaby


    3 points | 1 major

    Congratulations to Our Newest Titleholders!


    New Champion - April 2019
    Owned by Sarah Murphy


    New Grand Champion - April 2019
    Owned by Sandy & Jerry Marchelletta & Sarah Murphy


    New Champion - March 2019
    Owned by Jeanai Ranero & Sarah Murphy


    New Dual Champion - March 2019
    Owned by Sarah Murphy


    New Champion - March 2019
    Owned by Jenn Vess & Ethan Garrett & Sarah Murphy & Nichole Bartlett


    New Champion - March 2019
    Owned by Sarah Murphy


    New Rally Intermediate - January 2019
    Owned by Danielle Zitterkopf & Sarah Murphy


    New Champion - January 2019
    Owned by Tracy Powell DVM & Sarah Murphy

    New Championship Titles Won in 2018

    Breeze - Champion
    Audrey - Grand Champion
    Sansa - Champion
    Clarice - Champion
    Killian - Champion
    Cygnet - Grand Champion
    Mallory - Grand Champion
    Zayn - Champion
    Breeze - Grand Champion
    Dharma - Field/Dual Champion
    Maia - Champion
    Willow - Champion
    Anton - Champion


    Abbaio Ibizans are incomparably beautiful, intelligent and loving hounds who excel in the show ring, on the field and on the couch. My very satisfied puppy buyers are all members of the Abbaio family!

    Proud Member of IHCUS since 2011

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    AKC Standard
    Ibizan Central
    Stud Dogs
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
    Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)

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