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• New Grand Champion! Select at Valdosta KC (4.12.18)

• Best of Breed at Lawrenceville KC (2.4.18)

• Select at Conyers KC (2.3.18)

• Select at Clearwater KC (1.20.18)

• Best of Breed at SSRRC AKC Field Trial (1.7.18)

• Best of Breed at SSRRC AKC Field Trial (1.6.18)

• NLCC Kennel Stake Winner (with Elin) (12.3.17)

• 5th in Specials at NLCC Day 2 (12.3.17)

• 3rd in Specials at NLCC Day 1 (12.2.17)

• 2nd in Open at GOGLCA ASFA Field Trial (11.12.17)

• 2nd in Open at GOGLCA ASFA Field Trial (11.12.17)

• Best in Field at GOGLCA ASFA Field Trial (11.11.17)

• Best of Opposite at Brandon FL KC (10.29.17)

• Best of Breed at Brandon FL KC (10.28.17)

• Select at Douglasville KC (10.20.17)

• Best in Field at SSRRC AKC Field Trial (10.15.17)

• Best of Breed at SSRRC AKC Field Trial (10.14.17)

• Best of Breed at LCLC AKC Field Trial (9.30.17)

• 2nd in Open at LCLC AKC Field Trial (9.29.17)

• Best of Breed at West Volusia KC (9.24.17)

• Best of Breed at West Volusia KC (9.23.17)

• 3rd in Open A IHCUS National Specialty AKC Field Trial (9.15.17)

• 1st in 12-18 Sweepstakes at IHCUS National Specialty (9.14.17)

Multiple Best in Field
GCH DC Abbaio Breakfast at Tiffany's SC

September 2, 2016 | Pedigree | Photos

CH Abbaio Star Gazer
DC Abbaio Glitterati SC

Owner: Sarah Murphy
Breeder: Sarah Murphy & Melissa Schnyder

Audrey is from the Fall 2016 "Breakfast" litter between Scorpio and Ivy. She lives with me here at Abbaio and I am very excited to see what her future holds. She finished her championship at 8 months and 2 days old with a 4th major wining opposite over specials at the Central NJ Hound specialty. Audrey competed at the 2017 IHCUS National Specialty at a year and 12 days old and made the final cut of specials during Best of Breed judging as well as winning 1st in the 12-18 Month Bitch Sweepstakes class! She is major pointed towards her grand championship and finished her field championship at 13 months of age becoming a third generation Dual Champion! The day after she earned her dual championship, Audrey won her first Best in Field! Her next weekend on the field was at our very first ASFA field trial where she earned her second Best in Field! At the 2017 NLCC, Audrey won 3rd out of 10 specials on Saturday and 5th out of 11 specials on Sunday, and with her grandmother, Elin, won the Ibizan Hound Kennel Stake!

Titles in Progress
AKC Lure Courser Excellent: 17 Points
AKC Master Courser: 7 Qs
ASFA Field Champion: 50 Points | 1 1st | 1 2nd


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Luxor's Do Tell
MBIF GCHB DC Jakona's Swiss Miss MC LCX ROMS CGC Desert Mirage Give Me Justice
CH Jakona's All Eyes On Me
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